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The Miracle Anti-rust Primer

Rust Prevention for 20 Years
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The Japanese Ministry of Construction
manages "NETIS"
(New Technology Information System).
Liq-Fiber has been registered in "NETIS".
  • 1/3 Maintenance Expense

  • Special Anti-Rust Effect 

  • Durability:Lasts More than 20 Years

  • It is available for coating on the red rust


  • Made, developed, and manufactured in Japan

  • The special anti-rust effect are completely different from conventional ones

  • Enables your maintenance expense 1/3

  • An innovative construction method of anti-rust

You can use "Liq-Fiber" anywhere and anyplace which has rusted

The following photos are examples​​

  • Pier,Port facilities

  • Roof

  • Bridge

  • Plant

  • Pipeline

  • Steel tower

  • Ship, Vessel

  • Oil-related facilities 

  • Stairway

  • Steel member

  • Oceanic steel structure

Pier,Port facilities 



Steel tower

Oil-related facilities




Ship, Vessel


Painting work is easy!


We release the new products ("Liq-Fiber")

It is an upgrade to the latest version.

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General Sales Agent

A word from the receptionist

Akifumi Kiriyama 

Qualification: First class architect

(First class architect is the highest qualification of Japanese architecture.)

Nice to meet you.
I am Akifumi Kiriyama.
I am fond of the performance of Liq-Fiber.
Because it is an innovative anti-rust primer that will not rust for over 20 years.
It can be used anywhere as it rusts water pipes, bridges, pier, ships and so on.
Furthermore, the noteworthy point of Liq-Fiber is to replace red rust with black rust. It can be applied from red rust without removing the existing paint. Harmful substances (zinc etc.) contained in existing paint can be confined. Therefore, it is a technology that is good for the global environment.
Liq-Fiber can also be used for reinforced concrete structures. This is because not only does not reinforce the rust but also helps to attach reinforcing bars and concrete. The effect will help strengthen the strength and durability of reinforced concrete.
Therefore, if earthquakes occur frequently in the construction of each country, it will be useful for earthquake resistant construction.
I believe that by spreading Liq-Fiber, we can protect the world infrastructure and protect the global environment.
Samples will be provided free of charge to you who are interested in this site. Please check with your own eyes once.
Thank you very much.

Akifumi Kiriyama

Overview of anti-rust primer Liq-Fiber

Anti-rust primer Liq-Fiber has excellent performance protect from rust to generate a base material of the steel structures and reinforced concrete structures in a variety of environments there is. It is also an inorganic anticorrosive primer containing a carbon fiber, a compound of cementitious, mixed and stirred to applying a special emulsion as the solvent on site performance with excellent adhesion and rust prevention, corrosion protection, waterproofing, thermostable etc.

It has not only excellent protection capability of the base material in these high-performance, but also an excellent product that also has wide temperature characteristics of heat-resistant temperature from 200 degrees to minus 100 degrees. It wraps the main component alkali molecules with a special polymer, the surface of the iron in place of the black rust to form a stable rustproof layer, the film itself has a breathable, evaporated material moisture, in order to maintain a weak alkaline, it can exert a long-term anti-corrosion effect.

Regarding to underlying process, you just do the usual three Keren, you don’t need to peel off the existing paint. That is why it can significant saving of Keren cost.

There are a number of excellent track record including oil-related facilities and marine structures, railway bridge, footbridge, external stairs, handrails. Total cost is reduced because the maintenance cost of such construction process shortening and. 

Five Features

1.Rust Prevention & Corrosion Protection
Conventional anticorrosive paint is preventing the oxidation of iron by blocking iron surface by the coating film from the air and moisture. However, the remaining of minute moisture between coating film and material and the residual red rust at the end of Keren are the cause of generation and re-generation of rust. Liq-Fiber creates a stable rust layer which form black iron surface rust hydrated oxide magnetite called (non-moving object film) (Fe3 O4) by circulating the strongly alkaline nature of about ph value 12.5 which is characteristic of the main component inside the coating film. This reduce the corrosion of steel by preventing oxygen and the ingress of water and converting from red rust to black rust. Liq-Fiber can withstand harsh conditions because it has more stable wide temperature properties and thermostable temperature of 200 ° C. ~ minus 100 ° C. to form a rust-preventive layer. It is also excellent for weatherproof and salt tolerance etc. because the film of Liq-Fiber’s surface is cut off various exposure phenomenon from the outside.

Liq-Fiber can be adhered to all of the base material except oil-based content. It is also the effect of as the release prevention and cushioning material. In addition, it is also effect of adhesion of various materials (iron, various metals, concrete) which is conventionally impossible to adhere. It can be construction without damaging also weak materials such as galvanized steel plate, glass, stainless steel, ALC, porcelain tile, synthetic resin, wood, vinyl chloride, Styrofoam. At the same time, it is possible to adhere different members each other like concern above, its utilization is wide-ranging. In addition, Liq-Fiber not only can respond to the contraction of the base material, such as twist and bending, also provided with a function as a buffer material, it is possible to prevent cracking and peeling of the base material.

3.Repair and Reinforcement
Liq-Fiber is excellent adhesion and durability performance, and increase the durability of the concrete skeleton. It is the most effect of the repair and reinforcement of concrete buildings of the civil engineering field. It prevents the cracks of tend to the concrete skeleton to load shortage in the strength and durability of adhesion, it is possible to improve the survival and strength. It prevents tearing and degradation due to non-elasticized or breezing because Liq-Fiber itself reinforced with carbon fibers. In addition, it prevents neutralization of the concrete (weathering), it will continue to maintain the strength to cut off the salt and water. Therefore, it is more efficient in terms of cost without any trouble of having to repeatedly repair because if you use Liq-Fiber to construct once, the works will efficient for the long term.

4.Environment and Safety

Liq-Fiber is completely new anti-rust primer made of a material of friendly alkaline inorganic to inorganic system of the environment. Unlike paint general organic, Liq-Fiber also tackled with confidence environmental measures during the construction of rivers and marine structures because it does not use any solvents, such as petroleum-based. Even in the case of where there is the downstream area of clear stream and fish farms, etc., you do not have to worry about cause problems after the completion of construction. In addition, it is possible to construct without peeling off the existing organic painted with sand blasting, etc., you do not have any problems such as marine pollution.

(JWWA fit, Marpol treaty also cleared)

You do the three Keren for foundation treatment of rusty iron, then you need emulsion for the underlying processing of concrete surface. The underlying process is simple because it is not a single color as compared to the other method, 1st Liq-Fiber’s color is gray, 2nd Liq-Fiber’s color is green., It is easy to construct like spraying, brushing, troweling because the color is difference not to forget overlapping construction and coating.


General Sales Agent


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